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Zimbabwe's green beauty...

If you have never travelled around Zimbabwe's wild areas during the emerald season then you are truly missing out on a fantastic experience! The verdant green of the bush adds such a plush veneer to everything. Yes the animal sightings may not be as prolific as they are in the dry season but the animals certainly look happier and if you work hard you will be sure to find something of interest, like the fabulous reclining lion below!

And then of course there is often the plethora of young life running around that adds that immeasurable sense of cuteness to the landscape.

This almost brand new elephant is still sporting its baby fluff while the young Impala below is almost overwhelmed by the tall green grass!

The bird life can also be astoundingly prolific in the wet season, with a variety of visiting species making Zimbabwe home for the summer.

Its often a time of friskiness as species like the crowned crane below breed during the wet season.

And then there are those sunsets, you know the ones, that turn the sky a myriad of fiery colours intent on celebrating the end of the day in all their visual splendour.

Who doesn't get a tingle of excitement when that far away crack of thunder heralds the arrival of the next dramatic and intense African rainstorm! If only you had some sunshine and an elephant to help complete the scene!

If you are going to enjoy the wonders of a Zimbabwean green season safari then be sure to have the right equipment on you to ensure you capture that perfect image! Please feel free to contact me if you would like to chat about what gear to have, or check out our previous blog here...

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